Safety & Security

The safety and security of your products, employees, and brand is probably one of the things that keeps you awake at night. You know you need to up your cannabis security game, but maybe you’re not quite ready to bring on a full-time security executive. Having an experienced partner to lead you through this complex space will help you sleep more soundly.

After a dynamic 25-year career in the FBI, our security partner has led numerous corporate security programs, including that of a major player in the retail sector. He has worked overseas, led complex investigations, and managed crises, both in the corporate world and in law enforcement. He has significant experience in workplace violence, physical security (access control and CCTV), and background investigations. Recently, he led the evaluation and selection of a multi-million dollar contractor for uniformed security personnel. With a financial background, he also understands the interplay between security and a business’s bottom line.

"We recognize that security is not a revenue generator, but believe a program can be both business friendly and effective in meeting the most costly and significant risks facing a business. Too often, security professionals propose programs designed to address every imaginable and conceivable threat. Obviously, these “Rolls Royce programs” are very costly. A more common sense approach identifies and addresses the most likely threats, considers rare but devastating possibilities, and finds the right balance of personnel, technologies, and procedures at an acceptable cost. It's this kind of thinking that distinguishes us from the pack.

We also believe there is no single, one-size fits all approach. We'll look at a company's operations, resources, and risk tolerance and work with them to implement a program that meets their needs and can grow with the business. From selecting an armed guard service to evaluating new security technologies to providing specialized training for employees, we leverage our experience in law enforcement and corporate/retail security to create the right program to meet our clients' needs."