Beth Graham, Principal

It was late one Friday afternoon when I found myself sitting on a rented pouf chatting with a reporter at a dispensary opening that I suddenly stopped and asked myself, “How did I get here?” I mean, I come from a background in corporate PR where I managed million dollar marketing budgets and conducted TV interviews on the safety of technology. So how did I end up as a cannabis publicist talking to reporters in bare feet and jeans with a cocktail in my hand and a vape pen in my pocket?

I got my start in PR more than 30 years ago as a publicist in the food and travel industries, catching the 40-minute air shuttle between Washington, DC and New York to sit down with magazine editors to pitch client stories. I was brought up on old school PR. Fax machines were the hot new technology. Today we have all the new media, yet successful public relations for cannabis companies still requires an old school approach. It requires strategic thinking, journalist relationships, and strong writing.

Now that I’ve moved on to the soon-to-be-mainstream cannabis industry, my approach to cannabis PR and reputation management is built on the layers of my previous experience, from my role as a corporate spokesperson dispelling the myths of cancer-causing cell phone usage to working with small business artisans launching food companies to my efforts to impact public policy on everything from liquor licenses to social security.

Some of the cannabis brands I’ve worked with include Heavy Hitters, Eden Extracts, Garden of Eden, Grupo Flor, Mammoth Distribution, Bae vapes, Heavy Grass, Royal Highness Boutique Dispensary, and others. If you’re looking for a strategic cannabis public relations consultant, look no further.