When will hospice and ALFs accept cannabis?

My mom is 82 years old and suffered a stroke 18 months ago. She was left with significant deficits including aphasia which have left her unable to communicate. Her days were spent with severe agitation and uncontrollable crying with no explanation.  Until I gave her cannabis.

We took her off all the Big Pharma meds and just use cannabis, either a patch or oil. Her moods changed instantly. She’s content, calm, more alert, and even smiles sometimes.

When I asked her hospice nurse about access to cannabis, they dodged the issue. Hospice is funded by Medicare and marijuana is illegal, blah blah blah. This article, Federal law complicates medical cannabis use in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, hit the nail on the head!

Fortunately, I have access to medical marijuana for her in Florida but life in an assisted living facility or nursing home could be much more tolerable for so many patients.