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Cannabis public relations experts

Cannabis is the new economy and everyone is rushing in for a piece of the market. The industry's growth is explosive and poised to keep rising. So what piece will you own and how can cannabis public relations get you there? Do you want to own your brand category? Your geographic market? The number one spot on all the top 10 lists? Or maybe you want to be known as a thought leader in the cannabis industry. Or the 'go to' vendor among B2B cannabis brands. As cannabis PR experts, Reputation Cannabis can help. 

You know where you want to go. So how do you get there? Public relations is more than getting your company mentioned in a news article. It's about the how, when, where, who and why you communicate. Chances are, you have a number of audiences you need to reach to raise your brand awareness - customers, investors, employees, partners and others. What's the best way to reach each of those audiences? What's the message you want them to hear?

We create cannabis public relations campaigns for cannabis companies, brands, distributors, dispensaries and B2B providers. We help navigate the cannabis landscape through launches and raids, major news announcements, grand openings, and ensuring a spot on the hottest products lists.

PR for cannabis brands